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Chris Price Shiny Media
Managing Director

Shiny Media

Pro IT's knowledge of the blogosphere is immense. They have helped us with several technical projects including moving several of our blogs to Movable Type and speeding up our sites.

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Dear visitor, my name is Mihai Bocsaru, Founder, Full Stack Web Developer and Search Engine Optimization expert @ PRO IT Service S.R.L. and I would like to kindly introduce you to a brand new section of our company website devoted exclusively to our customers' opinions.

We've proudly launched this "Testimonials" section on January the 19th, 2009.

Since spare time is tight, we are going to gradually ask our customers to write a few lines about the service they got from us and then make them publicly available on this space. To your success!

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor, Owner at recommends us

I've worked with Mihai for over a decade and have consistently found him to be reliable, accurate and affordable. He'll continue to be my go-to person for anything technical and WordPress related....


eComm Media Inc.

Lee S Dryburgh

Lee S Dryburgh, Owner at eComm Media Inc. recommends us

Mihai is clearly an experienced Movable Type coder. He has great availability and a willingness to help. If you want some custom MT work done then I see Mihai as a great choice. Over the years Mihai has done substantive work for me, often at very short notice and with quick turn around....


The Bumble Bee

Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson, Founder at The Bumble Bee recommends us

I have used Mihai's services over the last 4 years to constantly develop and enhance The BumbleBee Blog ( to a point where it now has over 600 articles and attracts well over 10,000 unique visitors per month from all over the world Some of the excellent features Mihai developed include: Tag Clouds Visitor Registration and Members Area Book Reviews Section - A picture gallery - Search Facility...


Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE)

Nick Morales

Nick Morales, Owner / Editor at Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) recommends us

Setting up the Triathlon Juice (TRIJUCE) website / blog three years ago based on the Moveable Type (MT) platform was easy and painless. It was a pretty basic setup that didn't incorporate many additional features. For the most part, it did what it was supposed to do, report the news which out too much glitz. Since then we've grown up. The project for 2010 was twofold, we needed to update our software to the latest's version of MT and at...


Chris Hero

Chris Hero, Photographer at recommends us

After experimenting with several different blog resources I ended up choosing Movable Type as the optimal platform. The only problem was I didn't have expertise in coding Movable Type, nor did I have the time to invest in reading detailed manuals. So I began searching online for a Movable Type coder, and after emailing with a few consultants, I luckily found Mihai. Mihai immediately demonstrated a high level of Movable Type expertise and web design experience and I knew I...


BlogPire Productions

Jay Brewer

Jay Brewer, Founder & President at BlogPire Productions recommends us

We hired Mihai to do a very detailed server move from our old host to our new host at He took in all the information, and then went above and beyond by also helping us setup various items after the move. We expected issues, but there were basically none. Not only did Mihai move all the sites - all the sites ran including movable type, an ad server, and a forums. Impressive. He configured all the emails, domains, and...


Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson, HeadVeg at recommends us

After being on the web since 1996, we decided to upgrade and move our site to a content management system. We started the job in Joomla and retained a company in India. After many months it became clear that, while the guys in India were decent and hard-working, it just wasn't happening. Part of it was the language barrier and the limitations of Joomla. We decided to use Movable Type since so many major sites use it, and found Mihai...


Frank Petronio

Frank Petronio, Photographer and owner at recommends us

For almost five years my Movable Type-based weblog ran flawlessly until it suddenly just STOPPED. The timing couldn't have been worse because I was in the midst of pitching a new client and it was important for me to keep making updated blog posts. In a panic I turned to my developer, who was stumped, and then to the Movable Type Help Forum. Luckily a knowledgeable forum member recognized what the problem was -- a broken, obsolete database -- and...


David Simmer II

David Simmer II, Author at recommends us

I was happy with the design I came up with for my blog, but had several small issues that I never got around fixing. When Movable Type came out with a new template architecture with their version 4 release, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to make my site work the way I always wanted. Unfortunately, I never found time to study the more complicated "modular architecture" of MT4, and wasn't able to re-code things the way I wanted....

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Adrian Myers

Adrian Myers, Director at Ltd recommends us

We wanted to set up a blog site that was easily manageable by even the most novice of web users and we have not been disappointed. Pro it and movable type have given us a platform which is easy to use and very intuitive. We are able to easily update the blog as and when we want to, and any changes or modifications that are required are quickly and efficiently put into place by Pro-IT. We constantly get positive feedback...



Emma Squillace

Emma Squillace, Director of Community at iMedExchange recommends us

iMedExchange, the leading online social network for exclusively for physicians, enlisted the help of Pro-IT-Services to upgrade, enhance and host our blog. We consider our blog an essential communication channel for reaching physicians, investors and the media; as such we were very careful in selecting a technology partner that could help us take our blog to the next level. Mihai worked with us to review all our options, and was very detailed in the time and budget estimates he gave...


Lola Communication

Filipe Dos Santos Oliveira

Filipe Dos Santos Oliveira, Senior Account Manager at Lola Communication recommends us

Working with PRO-IT-Services is always a great pleasure, in fact I work with this company now for 2 years and it has always been very professional. We needed a solution that helped us to make updates on our website whenever we wanted without asking another provider. So Mihai proposed to change our website on a MovableType CMS so that we would able to do our own modifications. They have converted all our pages from flash based website into a fully...


Informed Family Life

Rahima Dancy

Agaf Dancy, Part-Time IT Support For My Wife, Rahima at Informed Family Life recommends us

After striking out with two other services, we were referred to PRO IT by Dave Taylor, the industry guru from We wanted to move our moveable type website from our current hosting service to Comcast. This was challenging because our old website had "gone dark" and I couldn't contact the service to get any help - and we had lost the password for FTP transfer on the old site. Fortunately, we still had access to the old site via...


AK68 Ltd

Andy Knight

Andy Knight, Owner at AK68 Ltd recommends us

I use Pro-IT-Services for all of the MovableType developments on They have moved my site to a new server, updated and implemented a new design and developed a range of new features (search, most popular posts and recent posts). They are knowledgeable about all aspects of Movable Type and are able to turn work around quickly, reliably and cost effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any Movable Type related work and I intend to use them...


Show The Love Media, LLC

Jen Pleasants

Jen Pleasants, CEO/Founder at Show The Love Media, LLC recommends us

I found Pro-It-Services through a Google search for MT developers. I was a little nervous because I am in the U.S. and they are in Romania, but after contacting them, I felt an instant comfort in their ability to get the job done. I had used three other companies in the past for development, and Pro-It-Services has been by far the best. Mihai helped me with reworking my homepage, implementing seo features, integrating an ajax rating system, implementing google adsense,...


D Churchill LTD

David Churchill

David Churchill, Photographer at D Churchill LTD recommends us

I had a strong design idea for my website and had put my old ones together myself but I did not know how to do more advanced things. For example centering the site both vertically and horizontally, fading in images and having small animations. I found Mihai online and thought his service was exactly what I needed, and it was. He was able to turn my photoshop design into a working website. He coded the site using xhtml and css...



Phil Daigle

Phil Daigle, CEO at Healthcare recommends us

My name is Phil Daigle. I am the founder and CEO of, a pioneering company in the field of online insurance sales. We have had an online presence since August 1998. In March 2007, we were starting a web log (blog) to support our web site. I liked what I'd learned about the Movable Type platform to manage our web log but it was obvious that the installation would require specific MT expertise we did not have in-house. We...


American Renaissance

Kevin McCormick, Webmaster at American Renaissance recommends us

We had an existing Movable Type 3.x installation on a dedicated server, but it was slow and we really needed some Movable Type 4.x features for future expansion. The problem was that there was no sense upgrading to MT 4.x unless we saw an improvement in system reponse: We have some custom fields, so in addition to the normal software upgrade costs, there's the expense of transferring our custom fields to the new install. We could easily have spent hundreds...


Racquet Sports

Greg Raven

Greg Raven, Webmaster at Racquet Sports recommends us

One day I received a call out of the blue from a friend who had a huge, high-traffic website that had been behaving increasingly badly. The person had left who had set up the site, and no one else had done any maintenance in months. I jumped in at the deep end and began resolving dozes of issues ranging from corrupted exim plist files to slow execution of PHP code. I was able to get his site up and running,...


Elisa Maulin, Editor at recommends us

My site went down, and I scrambled for assistance to get it operational. I found PRO-IT almost by accident -- one of its support staff had posted some advice on a forum -- and I emailed them looking for help. Within hours my site was up, and over the next few days, they helped me transform the site, taking it to the next level. Originally hosted and managed by Yahoo!, the site grew bigger than the services they offered. PROIT...



Stu Alan

Stu Alan, Owner and Editor at Grumpy recommends us

After a disastrous set up of my blog by another organisation, Pro-IT came quickly to the rescue, corrected the faults and took over the hosting. I'm very pleased with the result of Pro-IT's work. Since that time, further requirements have been dealt with professionally and intelligently and I have been given sound advice on widget placement and so on. I'm completely ignorant of even semi-technical language but Mihai has always managed to make things clear to me. All in all,...


Harvest To

Stephen Albert

Stephen Albert, Publisher at Harvest To recommends us

I have worked with PRO-IT and Mihai Bocsaru for over two years. PRO-IT has helped me with all of my web site and blogging needs and it's a pleasure to recommend their services. PRO-IT brought my site up to international-web coding standards, led the re-design of the site, and host the site as well. I use the Movable Type platform and PRO-IT has kept my site current with platform upgrades and informed of new trends. I am a writer and...



Paolo C. Conti

Paolo C. Conti, Journalist. CEO at Cedites recommends us

After deciding to use Movable Type for the implementation of two new blogs, we searched for a partner online. Pro It Service soon emerged as as a good choice because of the combination between solid tecnical skills and a reasonable price. The collaboration proceeded smoothly. We briefed Pro It Service about our needs and we waited for the results. The output was fully satisfying. Pro It Service created a good original template for the first blog ( and implemented easily...



Gilbert B. Hammer

Gilbert B. Hammer, Managing Editor at IPTV recommends us

ProIT has provided us with a professional service bureau for custom as well as off-the-shelf Movable Type programming. With lead programmer and owner, Mihai, Bocsaru, ProIT has always found a solution for our needs, be it a custom slide show implimentation or something more generic. We have come to rely on ProIT and turn to them first when we want to roll out a new feature for our site viewers. In addition, ProIT has provided automated site backup and platform...



Thomas A. Limoncelli

Thomas A. Limoncelli, Author at Everything recommends us

I was looking for someone to move my Movable Type installation to a new hosting service and upgrade it to the latest MT release at the same time. Even though I'm a professional system administrator, I had decided to pay someone else to do this work for me. Scratch that... it's really *because* I'm a professional system administrator I'm so busy I had to find someone else to do this if it was every going to get done. Doing this...


Metro International

Hannes Pintaritsch

Hannes Pintaritsch, Technical Project Manager at Metro International recommends us

Metro International, the World's Largest International Newspaper group, engaged Pro-IT-Services to set up, build and integrate a blogging platform into several of their European news portals. Metro International chose the Moveable Type platform, and the core product was substantially enhanced by Pro-IT-Services with custom Plugin-development for supporting multi-language instances, and further development on templates, plugins and optimization for publishing times....


Shiny Media

Chris Price

Chris Price, Managing Director at Shiny Media recommends us

As one of Europe's biggest blog networks, Shiny Media has used Pro IT on several occasions. Their knowledge of the blogosphere is immense and they have dealt swiftly and efficiently with some of our projects including migrating our men's fashion site,, and our corporate website,, from the Typepad to Movable Type platform. Pro IT have also helped in optimising Movable Type performance, making several of the sites up to 40 times faster than they were previously running....