Hannes Pintaritsch

Hannes Pintaritsch Metro International
Technical Project Manager

Metro International

Metro International needed to integrate an expert and community blogging platform into several of their European news portals within a 3 months time-frame. We chose the Moveable Type platform, and we couldn't have realized this challenge without the expert guidance and custom plugin development by Pro-IT-Services.

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Monetization Programs for Movable Type Blogs

Many bloggers from around the blogoshpere are using different ways to monetize their online resources.

There are also cases when passionate bloggers are in such a poor economical condition that they couldn't even pay for the domain and hosting service and so they need a way to make some money out of their blog.

As movable type service providers we're proposing you two programs to start making money with your movable type weblog.

  1. Amazon Books
  2. Google AdSense

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