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Coding HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

We love to code Website templates starting from a reference design be it a .PSD file, .AI file, .PNG file with layers, .tiff or any other graphical format.

My Background

Mihai Bocsaru, Full Stack Web Developer @ PRO IT Service. I have a strong background in this field. I specialize in Website layout coding with over 27 years of experience.

During my career I have delivered Web programming courses both in Bucharest for the Romanian Market as well as to the FAO, UN Organization in Rome as an IT Consultant under IKONOS New Media's contract.

When a customer needs a Web site built, they generally are not aware of the technical details and requirements in order to properly code a layout to be valid against the W3C (World Web Consortium) programming language specifications. In addition, creating a site that is cross-platform compatible and search engines friendly requires a great degree of knowledge.

This is one of our specialties. We create Web sites that will work perfectly across any browser, that are coded using the most recent techniques and that are perfectly optimized for being listed and getting a good search engine ranking.

While we offer very affordable pricing, we recommend you consider not only the lowest price, but a developer skills and ethics about this type of work.

Check your preferred developer work against W3C validators such as:

HTML/XHTML Validator

CSS Styles Validator

RSS or Atom Feed Feeds Validator

GT Metrix - Page Speed Benchmarking

Google PageSpeed Insights - Page Speed Benchmarking

For over 22 years we are coding tableless website interfaces. This means that we are using DIVs instead of TABLEs for positioning the information layers (header, side bars etc.).

This concept gives excellent results in terms of search engine optimization and better performances with contextual advertising programs such as Google AdSense.

At the moment all the website templates that we are coding are following the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications.

Pricing depends on your very layout complexity.

Are you ready to talk about your project? Drop me a line using the following Live Support strip. In case I am offline, just send in an email from the free quote box below or from the Contact page.

Alternatively you may like to just email me your reference design in whatever graphical format (preferable .PSD) at the email address listed on my contact page.

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