Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson

Mihai is a real ace on anything to do with Moveable Type - if you need to do anything tricky don't even bother trying it yourself or using a general purpose web developer - just ring Mihai - you will have it next day and at a good price.

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PSD to HTML Website Layout Coding

Have you designed your Website layout and you would like to have somebody code it for you in Web site format? Look no further!

We're hand coding Web sites since 1997 and so we have over 27 years experience in this business. Things changed over the years and so changed also our approach. We're following the most recent best practices in this industry!

At the moment we're hand coding website templates using HTML5 and CSS3.

Where needed we could also involve JavaScript, jQuery or other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Send us your design (in photoshop or any other graphical format) and we will hand code it for you as soon as possible.

Before going ahead with more technical details, let me mention some of the file formats that our customers are supplying us:

  • PSD2HTML - Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • PNG2HTML - Adobe FireWorks (.png with layers)
  • AI2HTML - Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • TIF2HTML - Tagged Image File (.tif or .tiff)

The work that we are going to deliver is going to be:

Cross Platform Compatible

Your website layout is going to be coded in such a way to be cross-platform compatible.

In other words it is going to look and behave the same across any web browser so that your audience will share the same experience.

Search Engine Optimized

Your website source code is going to be optimized for search engines so that it could get a high position on search results.

There are very specific search engine optimization techniques that are going to implement on your website project.

Clean Source Code

As hand coders we're going to write your source code in an easy to follow format.

The goal is to have the source code clean, short and easy to follow by the customer, another web developer and search engines.

W3C Compliant

The source code we are writing is going to be validated against the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) programming languages specifications.

Before delivering the project files to you we are going to check and make sure that the source code is 100% compliant with these quality standards.

Loading Fast

Search engines are considering the web page loading speed as a quality factor and the faster a website is, the better it could rank.

The website layout interfaces that we're coding are always optimized for loading fast and are going to get a top score using benchmarking tools like GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Send your interface design file today and you will get a professionally coded Website layout ASAP.

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