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Movable Type Installation

At PRO IT Service we have extensive strong experience setting up weblog applications for various publishing needs.

This covers setting up the Movable Type publishing platform engine and also templates integration, custom programming and extra facilities to compliment with your Weblog-driven Web site.

The way we work is first defining with you the purpose of your weblog and propose the best, simple solution that perfectly matches your needs. In some cases we may need to tweak Movable Type to adapt it to customer-specific publishing needs.

Working with Movable Type from its early stages, we are having an excellent experience of all its versions and we strongly encourage you to setup at least Movable Type v6.3.12, preferably Movable Type v6.8.7 or Movable Type v7.9.5.

Imagine that we've started way back in 2002, installing movable type v2.51 and since then, as we were always very busy with all kind of movable type work, we've upgraded or installed about 40 (fourty) movable type releases.

Among the latest releases Six Apart made available to the community are Movable Type v7.1.2, Movable Type v6.5 and Movable Type v6.3.9. These releases contain a lot of features, among them three responsive themes which allow you to setup a website that could be seen very well both on the desktop devices, as well as mobile devices. These are basically mobile-ready website themes.

Movable Type v7.x is a completely different product, in the sense that it looks different from the previous series and it allows you to create your own content types and category types, basically allowing you to create whatever taxonomies you need for your website project, instead of limiting you to just "entries", "pages" and "categories". Now you could create as many custom objects, call them however you want and create whatever specific fields you need for each type of object (say "product", "seminar" etc.).

Movable Type v6.x comes with a new Data API which is based on jQuery.

According to Six Apart:

Now, instead of developing plugins in Perl that expose custom Movable Type Markup Language Tags, just use the Data API with jQuery to get data from Movable Type and add it to the DOM as data attributes, like you do with any other JSON data source.

You could now do a lot more with movable type. Here are a few examples:

  • Smartphone applications that can be placed in the Apple App Store or Google Play. They can be constructed using frameworks like PhoneGap or Sencha Touch.
  • Widgets for your website that stream or list content published in Movable Type. For instance, dynamic display of comments associated with blog entries or website pages would give you a way to create scalable communities without relying on external social networks or third-party comment management solutions.
  • Custom applications for news gathering, developed for any platform but especially tablets like the iPad or Android tablets.

Movable Type v5.x introduced a great architecture which involves having parent websites and blogs as children elements to their parent websites. Each website could have no blogs at all, or could have one or more blogs.

Movable Type v5.x was made a lot more secure than the previous series and it included a number of security enhancements which prevented hackers from penetrating the movable type admin.

Last, but not least, since movable type v5.x the product contains an improved Rich Text Editor which would allow you to nicely format your articles or to copy and paste already formatted content from Ms Word.

How Much Does It Cost Installing Movable Type?

Installing and configuring Movable Type on your web server starts from 50 USD with us.

If you choose to host your movable type project with us (more information about the hosting package here), we won't charge you anything for the movable type installation service.

For comparison, Six Apart (the company who produced Movable Type) was charging 199.95 USD, but at this time recommend another company which is charging 399.95 USD for this service (that 8 times our price) as you could discover yourself at http://www.movabletype.com/.

Where to Order the Movable Type Installation Service From?

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