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Ken Thompson

Mihai is a real ace on anything to do with Moveable Type - if you need to do anything tricky don't even bother trying it yourself or using a general purpose web developer - just ring Mihai - you will have it next day and at a good price.

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Blog Survey

My name is Mihai Bocsaru, Chief Web Developer and Movable Type Consultant at PRO IT Service since 2002. I've been working in web development since 1997, but I've started working in the blogging industry a bit later.

Way back in December 2002 I've discovered Movable Type and I've started working with it for various publishing projects, including blogs and online communities.

Over time, working on over 300 Web site projects, all focused around the movable type publishing platform, I've gathered a very strong experience in blogs and blog development.

In an attempt to use this experience on helping people better leverage their blogs potential, starting from 2007 I've started to offer a service called 'Blog Survey'.

Basically, I've established a precise set of blog features that a blog should embed in order to leverage as much as possible its potential.

The main goals I've had in mind on establishing this set of features are:

  1. optimize the blog as much as possible for search engines;
  2. have search engines index your content within 24 to 72 hours from publication;
  3. protect your blog against spam;
  4. give your visitors the means to interact with your Weblog;
  5. make them feel part of and build a community around your blog;
  6. increase your page views and earnings (earnings, only if you also monetize your Web site).

If you would like to make sure your blog is following the trend established consecrated by strong names in the blogosphere and to increase your overall blog potential, get in touch and order a 'Blog Survey'.

I'm going to personally review your blog and put together a document in which to outline the areas where you blog has space for improvements.

After receiving this 'Blog Survey' you may like to implement together those blog improvements that I'm going to recommend you.

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