Nick Morales

Nick Morales
Owner / Editor

We had 2 projects on the table that needed attention, upgrade Moveable Type and install the Hybrid News theme/template. Our problem was we did have the time. We searched and found PRO IT Service. After reviewing their services, reviewing their portfolio and some Q&A we hired them to do the task. The result is, we are now up-to-date with MT and we have an updated site that looks GREAT!

web development

Movable Type Services

We're having 22 years of experience in movable type consulting services. Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service are well known in the movable type services industry after having delivered hundreds of website projects from small blogs to large enterprise level websites. [read more]

Coding Website Templates

We enjoy coding website interfaces since 1997. During these 27 wonderful years the industry evolved and we've always followed the trend and most recent best practices to assure top quality website templates that are valid, nice, clean and optimized for search engines. [read more]


While we have our own design team, we're always glad to take interface design files from our customers and code them in web page format. We are working with .PSD, .AI, .PNG with layers and could easily adopt any other graphical format. [read more]

Content Management System

We believe that the time for manually managed web pages has gone. We're coding templates driven websites for 22 years integrating a broad range of content management systems (CMS) among them: movabletype, wordpress and drupal. [read more]


Are you running a website or planning to start one? Let us provide you advice on what path you should pursue in order to achieve your goals. It's always a pleasure to help already established websites grow and achieve ambitious business results. [read more]

Website Development

Most businesses today are running a website to reach out to customers. Running a well-organized, nice, clean, fast loading and optimized for search engines website is the key to expand your business and stay in touch with your customers 24x7. [read more]

phpBB Services

We're delivering forum development services for over 15 years and most projects were based on phpBB, therefore we're offering a broad range of phpBB services. Worth mentioning is that we offer also vBulletin and XenForo consulting services. [read more]

online marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines is a key factor for reaching a top position on search results for the keywords or key phrases that you target. Let us help your business succeed in attracting more traffic and improving your conversion. [read more]

Premium Search Engine Mktg

This service involves manually submitting your website to over 130 search engines and directories. Such a procedure helps increasing your website pagerank and achieving a higher search engines positioning which translates in more incoming traffic. [read more]

Online Marketing

Your online success depends on a series of factors that include a well coded websites, a fast web server, quality incoming links and a very good optimization for search engines. Let us look at all of these aspects and help your website perform online. [read more]

News Radars

Access to quality information is the key to succeed in a very competing environment. We've developed a mechanism allowing you to stay updated on specific topics of your choice. Let's work together to help you stay ahead of your competition. [read more]

Online Stores

It's an honor for us to setup from scratch or to improve ecommerce solutions based on platforms like WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Open Cart, Cube Cart, just to name a few of the technologies that we're working with. [read more]