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I found Mihai online and thought his service was exactly what I needed, and it was. He was able to turn my photoshop design into a working website.

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The NewsRadars service is based on an innovative concept recently introduced on the market called "News Mastering".

This facility allows us to easily obtain fresh news on specific topics of your choice.

For more details about the NewsRadars have a look at: http://www.newsradars.com/

The NewsRadars service is based on the following scheme:


Step 1

Keywords List

Keywords List

You have to establish a list of keywords or keyphrases to be monitored.



Step 2

Keywords Trial

Keywords Trial

Try the keywords and keyphrases established at the previous steps on the following search engines: Google News, Yahoo! and Feedster.



Step 3

Keywords List Revision

Keywords List Revision

You have to revise the keywords list until you are satisfied with the results obtained on the proposed search engines.



Step 4

Other Locations Adding

Other Locations Adding

Outside of the search engines mentioned at Step 2, you could also add other Web sites and weblogs to your NewsRadar.

Just send us the list of resources that you wish to monitor and we will freely check them for you and let you know if their technical specifications allow monitoring.



Step 5

NewsRadar Testing

NewsRadar Testing

At this stage the NewsRadar is ready in test mode.

You could filter some words or phrases from the NewsRadar results, as well as customize it's graphical representation.



Step 6

NewsRadar Hosting

NewsRadar Hosting

Once you have revised the NewsRadar and are happy with the results gathered, you need to identify a Web server for hosting.

We offer free hosting for our customers NewsRadars.

In this case, the Radar online address will look like:
http://www.newsradars.com/ user / chosen_name.htm


You could go beyond and ask us to integrate the NewsRadar on your Web site, or simply hosting it on your own Web server.

In this situation we could integrate the NewsRadar directly on your Web site home page, visually adapting the Radars' results to the general Web site architecture.


Further more, if your Web site is based on a certain Content Management Solution, we could develop an application which allows a simple one-click publication of those NewsRadar's results attractive to you.

And if you don't have an integrated Content Management Solution, but are interested on transforming some NewsRadars results into your own Web site articles, then we are at your disposal for developing this service.

Combining the Content Management Solution with the NewsRadars and the one-click publication application one could rapidly grow his/hers Web site content. Then the Web site could turn into a profitable online business using Google AdSense or other money making targeted Adverts.


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