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Not only did Mihai solve my broken weblog emergency in less than 24 hours, he upgraded and improved the entire site's operation.

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Movable Type Services

PRO IT Service and Mihai Bocsaru have over 22 years of experience working with the Movable Type Publishing Platform for a large number of customers from individuals, to small and medium companies, as well as global organizations.

A bit of history...

Everything started during the autumn 2002 while working for a major Italian new media company. At that time we were having a couple of very popular large Web sites managed manually. Basically for each new article we were having a template to use, update content, save, link from other pages etc.

These resources were managed that way since before 2000 and as the world was evolving we tried to benefit of the latest technologies and save us precious time.

This way we've discovered Movable Type which was quite a nice publishing platform allowing us to establish a number of templates, to add the content and have it generate and interlink the Web pages for us without putting a finger.

I recall very well the moment when I've started to investigate Movable Type. The most excited thing is that in a couple of days I've sent a report to my employer advising to start moving the projects we've had to Movable Type and shortly really got in love with this excellent platform.

Since the importance of those projects was tremendous for the company I've worked for since July 2001 until November 2005, at the end of 2002 I took responsibility for the transition job to movable type and executed it entirely on my own.

What is Movable Type for?

At the moment Movable Type is an excellent choice for blogs, online communities, professional Web sites (not blogs). It evolved that much that it allows you to even create a forum using this platform with no extra effort.

Movable Type is available on the market since end of 2001, but since I've discovered it (one year later), the platform evolved systematically to the excellent publishing platform we all know today.

During these more than 22 years of working with Movable Type I've been working on over 300 Web site projects which involved: coding blogs, upgrading blogs to online communities, setting up network of blogs, moving static Web sites to movable type managed Web sites leveraging the Movable Type Content Management System (CMS) capabilities.

I've enjoyed so much Movable Type that I've started to apply various hacks to make it suitable for each and every project contracted since yearly 2006 until now. Have also coded a couple of plugins for some of the customers we've had at PRO IT Service.

The projects we were involved Movable Type on covered a wide palette of topics such as: news blogs, technical blogs, political blogs, financial blogs, financial web sites, car blogs, moto blogs, art blogs, music web sites, health care web sites, health care blogs, steel manufacturer web site and more.

What could we do with Movable Type?

As a reputable movable type consultant with a very strong experience putting Movable Type at work, I will definitely say that we could adapt Movable Type to whatever needs you have in terms of Web site development.

We could use it for your own Web site, or your company Web site, leveraging its Content Management System capabilities which allow you to easily add, edit or remove content. Furthermore, we could use already developed, or further develop other features which to make your Web site even more appealing.

In case you want to develop a blog (weblog), an online community or even a network of blogs, Movable Type is the right choice for you. The reasons for this choice, rather than say using Word Press or other competitors is that Movable Type is much more secure and it makes your publishing experience a breeze.

Doing a strong comparison between the blogging technologies available at the moment, one would definitely choose Movable Type. The main reasons being: secure, easy to use and extendable with any features you may think about.

The main policy I've established at PRO IT Service is to never tell a customer that something is not possible, but rather work on making that feature integrated within Movable Type. So far we've succeeded on each and every project and we're confident that we will be able to do so also in the future.

If you want to gather a better idea about what exactly we could do for you using Movable Type just have a look at the Movable Type Extra Features and the Movable Type Consultancy Services listed further below on this page.

You will discover a lot of possibilities and that's not all. Just come up with your own features and we will transform them in reality for your own project.

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