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I first became aware of PRO IT Service when it helped me out of a jam pro bono. I was immediately impressed by its depth of knowledge about Movable Type and MySQL, so after getting past the crisis, I hired PRO IT Service to help me upgrade a client with a customized Movable Type installation. Now, I'm about ready to move a huge Movable Type installation to PRO IT Service for hosting. I guess you could say I'm sold on PRO IT Service.

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Other Movable Type Extra Features

Apart from the movable extra features related to: search engine optimization, community, authority and monetization, we're also offering a number of extra facilities that extend movable type publishing capabilities.

This time we are referring to improving the movable type search function, podcasting with Movable Type or implementing photo galleries on your blog (even a photo blog itself).

You could also control your pages print out or display random stuff (such as ADS, sponsors, categories, recent articles or anything else you could think of).

Further more, you may like to implement a live preview function on comments or even to ajaxify your comments publishing process.

Go ahead and check these extra features:

  1. Instant Search
  2. Podcasting
  3. Printing Areas of Your Choice
  4. Photo Galleries and Photo Blogs with Movable Type
  5. Random Stuff Display
  6. Comment Live Preview
  7. AJAX Comments

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