Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson

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Photo Galleries and Photo Blogs with Movable Type

Have you ever thought about building up a photo gallery or maybe a photo blog on your movable type website?

Did you know that even if you don't plan for building up and managing a photo gallery on your own, you could have us develop a photo gallery which manages itself automatically based on photos from our regular articles? Think about the results you may get in terms of page views with absolutely zero effort from your side!

Based on our experience at PRO IT Service, the concept of giving also a visual representation of the stuff you are writing about on your blog, by implementing a fully automated photo gallery gives you pretty good results.

Let me present you below a couple of projects for which we've developed a photo gallery.

I will start with

The concept we've used for this movable type photo gallery was to make Ken Thompson's (the soul behind life as easier as possible.

With most of his articles, Ken is also publishing a photo and we've been thinking about leveraging this stuff.

So we've coded a facility which automatically scans Ken's articles content and extracts the images found in there.

Then, the application checks the size of the images to make sure they fit the requirements we've established for our gallery (in this case 100 pixels width and 70 pixels height). In case an image is larger than this size, the photo gallery application is automatically resizing it for display on the gallery.

Furthermore, each of the images from the movable type photo gallery that you could see at is linked to the articles from where it is extracted and it also displays the article title as photo caption on mouse over.

Would you like to give your blog a bit of colour and allow your visitors to find your content on a more visual way? Contact us and let's build up a Movable Type Photo Gallery for you.

We've also developed this 'photo gallery' concept on projects like: as well as the other * projects sub-contracting the project from a series of Italian companies

If you plan to build up a 'Photo Gallery' similar to the ones mentioned above, or if you have a custom concept for your gallery, contact us and we will adjust the development to your very needs.

Photo Blogs customers are also very welcome. We have matched together a bunch of techniques and extra features for movable type photo blog projects.

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