Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Mihai was professional, extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and totally "got" what we wanted. The result is a new site that's much easier to use and update, and a lot of increased traffic

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Instant Search

MovableType default search facility is not optimized for low resources usage.

The bigger or more complex your Weblog is, the slower will be your search.

In addition sometimes, due to high CPU utilization your search script may crash, providing an error message or may even get killed by the Web server.

Let us implement an instant search facility for your Web site.

Our solution provides effective search results in less than 2 seconds even if you have a few thousands of articles. Does it sound incredible? Well, it is true.

The search results page is also highly customizable allowing you among other features to paginate it rather than just having a long single page.

The benefit to you here is having a reliable and extremely rapid search facility for your Web site audience and prestige.

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