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PRO-IT has helped me with all of my web site and blogging needs and it's a pleasure to recommend their services.

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David Simmer II from

David Simmer II

David Simmer II

David Simmer II

Customer since September 2009.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

I was happy with the design I came up with for my blog, but had several small issues that I never got around fixing. When Movable Type came out with a new template architecture with their version 4 release, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to make my site work the way I always wanted. Unfortunately, I never found time to study the more complicated "modular architecture" of MT4, and wasn't able to re-code things the way I wanted.

Fortunately, I was able to find Mihai Bocsaru and Pro-IT Service to take care of it for me!

Through every step of my template recoding, I have been nothing but impressed with the professional, knowledgeable service I've received. While the work I had done was excellent, it was my communication with Mihai that made the project a pleasure to work on. Here are a few of the things Pro-IT Service worked on for me...

Movable Type 4 Modular Template Upgrade

The one thing I didn't want was for my blog design to change. My biggest worry was that upgrading my templates would somehow change the way my site looked or worked. Happily, this was not a problem at all. Mihai took painstaking care to make sure that everything was exactly as it was before. My table-less CSS layouts were preserved (and improved!). Even the smallest details were tended to... everything from my custom spam-filtering plugin and Google Analytics code to my custom search pages and Google Maps APIs work flawlessly. Any concerns I had in upgrading my templates were addressed, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Blog Commenting Upgrade

One of the new features in MT4 I was keen to have for Blogography was threaded, hierarchical comments. The challenge I presented to Pro-IT Service was that I did not want to change the way my comments were currently entered. This meant no AJAX trickery or pop-up windows or anything like that. To be honest, I had no idea how they were going to approach it. Much to my surprise, Mihai came up with the perfect compromise... a "reply" link that jumped to the exact same comment entry form I've always had! For my readers who want to add replies, they can do that now. But there's no confusion for my readers, because "regular" comments work exactly the same as they always have. It was an elegant solution that gave me the commenting system I've always wanted.

Blog Author Commenting

To make it easier for my readers to find comments made by myself, I wanted to highlight them. This is a fairly simple matter, but it requires that I log into Movable Type in order to leave my comments. Even worse, all the comments I've previously made won't be highlighted in past entries. This was unacceptable, as I wanted a system that would not require me to login AND worked on older comments. Fortunately, this was not a problem for Mihai, and he came up with a solution that highlighted my comments based on my email address which worked exactly how I wanted.

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Cashmere, Washington

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September 14th, 2009