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Printing Areas of Your Choice

There are some sections on your Weblog-driven Web site that are not ideal for printing on paper for a series of reasons:

  • Header may be too big or it could waste too much colour ink;
  • Left side navigation may push the content area too much on the right and the text may go outside the printing area;
  • Etc.

We have a solution for all these issues.

Let us help you customize your page print-out versions.

You will be able to exclude certain areas (header, left and right side columns, footer etc.) or even certain text paragraphs or other components.

In addition you will be able to include on your print out certain items that were not showing up on your Web site as viewed on internet browsers. This facility could help you build up a print-out that:

  • Has a different (more simple) header;
  • Includes the page URL;
  • Provides a credit line and copyright statement, disclaimer etc.

Are you curious to see what your Web site pages print-out looks like?

Test out your Web site print-out for free!

If you are running a Windows machine check out how your forum pages print by following these steps:

  1. Go to a page from within your Forum;
  2. Click on print (from your browser window);
  3. Select your preferred printer and check the box that says: "Print to file";
  4. Click "Print" and there we go.

Check your print out!

Alternatively, you may fill out the from below to have us freely check your Web site print-out and send you back a sample.

You are going to receive the sample and appropriate quote just in case you would decide to have us customize the print out layout for you within 24 to 48 hours.

The benefits to you are:

  1. you could turn off certain sections for items from the print-out version;
  2. you could add new items to your pages print-out that are not going to show up on the browser version

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