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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might have heard about Search Engine Optimization and you may want to know how your website is performing in this respect.

Mihai Bocsaru is doing SEO Consulting since early 2001 and is paying attention to the algorithms that Google and other major search engines are using for the search results positioning.

Audit your website SEO

We are pleased to offer you a very affordable SEO audit service.

What you are going to get is:

1. A report showing how your website is doing in regards to a specific set of SEO requirement;

2. An itemized proposal for improving your website SEO based on the audit report.

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Improve your website SEO

Among the SEO key factors that we're going to check and address together let us mention:

META Information

What information your web pages present to search engines.


How your webpages titles and subtitles are provided.


How are your interacting with robots (search engines crawlers) and what could be done to improve this interaction.

XML Sitemap

If your website has an XML Sitemap, what it contains and if it is submitted to the main search engines.

Broken Links

Your website should have no broken links, both internal (inbound) or external (outbound) ones.

SEO Friendly URLs

Your web page URLs should respect a certain standard to be considered SEO friendly.

Image Alternative Text

All the images that you are displaying on your website should have a description alternative text not displayed for your visitors, but useful for search engines and people with disabilities.

Page Size

You should know that faster loading websites are offering a better user experience (UX), high conversion rates and better search engine rankings.

Loading Speed

As mentioned above, this is a key SEO factor and we are going to focus on optimizing all your website components so that they use the least possible bandwidth and load as fast as possible.

CDN Integration

Implementing content distribution networks is going to make your website accessible quicker by loading it for each and every visitor from their closest server.


Caching is important so that visitors won't have to load all your website interface components every time they browse web pages on your website. Once components from the first visited web page are cached, visiting more pages is going to be quicker.

Canonical URLs

You should know that your website should be presented in one single form, either with or without HTTPS and with or without WWW, but all the other combinations should point to the one that you choose (we recommend HTTPS and WWW).


It is important to migrate your website to HTTPS and to redirect all your previously indexed web pages to HTTPS via 301 safe redirection rules so that all the PR and link juice gained over years it is going to be gradually transferred to your new URLs. For a couple of years now, Google Chrome writes on the address bar, just in front of the URL if a website is secure (displaying a nice green locker) or if it is not (saying "No secure").

Responsive Design

Having your website nicely adapt to your audience mobile devices is an important SEO factor and Google uses it for a few years to position website on its results pages.

Structured Data

Implementing structured data allows search engines to understand what each and every of your web pages is about and to classify them.

SPF Records

Your domain should have a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record which to list those servers through which you are sending email messages so that people trying to forge your mailbox won't reach anybody pretending that it was you.

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