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Mihai and his Pro IT staff accomplished all of the MT coding expertly, on time, and at a better than competitive price by US standards.

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Online Marketing

The Online Marketing service is an important step on making your Web site popular.

This process is recommended to be executed immediately upon Web site launching.

In fact, when you launch a Web site nobody knows - apart from your staff, collaborators or close relatives.

For making their Web site known, a company has to respect certain standards and to follow certain activities.

A successful Online Marketing process starts with the way the Web site is coded, continues with other Web server related technical details and ends with free listing of the site on various relevant locations.

Through this strategy we can assure Google indexing in less than 30 days for any Web site of any customer, excepting those whom Web sites are black-listed by the Google search engine. In this case, black-listing exit is a longer process.

Did you know that there are Web sites waiting months to get listed in Google and other important search engines?

Break the ice and make your Web site popular starting today.


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