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I am a professional system administrator but I use PRO-IT for installations, upgrades, and hosting to free up my time for other projects. It's like multiplying myself! PRO-IT's expertise in MovableType impresses me to no end. Even tricky things like moving from a static site to a dynamic site, or fixing strange Perl Library problems are no problem for them. I plan on using PRO-IT in the future!

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Greg Raven from Racquet Sports

Greg Raven

Greg Raven Racquet Sports

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Customer since february 2007.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

One day I received a call out of the blue from a friend who had a huge, high-traffic website that had been behaving increasingly badly.
The person had left who had set up the site, and no one else had done any maintenance in months. I jumped in at the deep end and began resolving dozes of issues ranging from corrupted exim plist files to slow execution of PHP code. I was able to get his site up and running, but the main engine of the site -- Movable Type -- still badly needed to be upgraded. Unfortunately, it had been set up so poorly that it was way beyond what I could do at the time (especially without any documentation as to what had been done, and/or what the goals were of the hacks to the Movable Type code base). I posted an SOS on Movable Type's fora, and PRO IT Service responded almost immediately with the answer I needed to get to the next step.

This may sound trivial, but I soon discovered that one of the great things about working with PRO IT Service is that because of the time zone difference, many of the maintenance and upgrade procedures on our site are done in the early morning, when our traffic is at its lowest.
I also liked the fact that, again because of the difference in time zones, between PRO IT Service and myself there is almost always someone on call if there's a site issue that needs to be addressed right away.

From there, it snowballed. Over the next couple of days, PRO IT Service handled issue after issue for us, including an upgrade to Movable Type 3.34. I could tell immediately that there were levels of familiarity with Movable Type and MySQL that were well above what I could offer my clients, as PRO IT Service seemed effortlessly to clear jam after jam. When it was all over, I asked for an invoice, and was told there was no charge. I was so impressed I wired some money anyway.

Little wonder that when another client wanted to switch from a static website to a dynamic site with CMS, I recommended Movable Type and PRO IT Service. Not only did the client agree with my recommendations, but we actually switched the site hosting from Earthlink to PRO IT Service. PRO IT Service's price was reasonable, and the built-in upgrades and other support options made the deal too good to resist. We haven't once regretted our choice.

I should mention that PRO IT Service set up this new site in such a way that it is even easier to manage than if we'd just gone with the standard Movable Type templates.

Now, I have a client with a massive Movable Type installation that has maxed out his dedicated server. I'm moving him to a PRO IT Service hosted solution, where we'll get a faster server with dual core CPU, the same amount of RAM, better support, and pay 25 percent less than we're paying for our current dedicated server.

I have been very pleased with PRO IT Service in every way. Between what I've learned on my own and what I've picked up from PRO IT Service, I could get a new client set up in Movable Type, but I won't make a move without PRO IT Service by my side.

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Vista, California

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December 20th, 2008