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I found Mihai online and thought his service was exactly what I needed, and it was. He was able to turn my photoshop design into a working website.

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Phil Daigle from Healthcare Shopper.com

Phil Daigle

Phil Daigle Healthcare Shopper.com


Customer since april 2007.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

My name is Phil Daigle. I am the founder and CEO of Healthcareshopper.com, a pioneering company in the field of online insurance sales. We have had an online presence since August 1998.

In March 2007, we were starting a web log (blog) to support our web site. I liked what I'd learned about the Movable Type platform to manage our web log but it was obvious that the installation would require specific MT expertise we did not have in-house. We found Pro IT among others experienced in MT support. While Pro IT is based in Romania, we were not as put off by that as others might be, having successfully used offshore support before. I became comfortable with Mihai Bocsaru of Pro IT, via e-mail. He had a very good command of English and we communicated well from the beginning. I checked Mihai's references with his existing customers and found them all very complimentary.

Pro IT installed Movable Type and created our initial blog, Healthcare Shopper News. Mihai convinced me that I should convert the entire web site to the Movable Type platform. The two main benefits would be to clean up a lot of the old HTML code, speed up the loading of the home page, and to make the creation of new content easier. Mihai and his Pro IT staff accomplished all of the coding expertly, on time, and at a better than competitive price by US standards. Once the entire site was running on MT, it made sense to have Pro IT do the hosting as well at Pair Networks.

If you are considering using the Movable Type platform, you can't go wrong with Mihai and his Pro IT staff.

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Laguna Beach, California

Testimonial written on:
February 6th, 2009