Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson

Mihai is a real ace on anything to do with Moveable Type - if you need to do anything tricky don't even bother trying it yourself or using a general purpose web developer - just ring Mihai - you will have it next day and at a good price.

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Jeff Nelson from

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Customer since October 2009.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

After being on the web since 1996, we decided to upgrade and move our site to a content management system. We started the job in Joomla and retained a company in India. After many months it became clear that, while the guys in India were decent and hard-working, it just wasn't happening. Part of it was the language barrier and the limitations of Joomla.

We decided to use Movable Type since so many major sites use it, and found Mihai at Pro-IT. Mihai is professional, extremely knowledgeable about MT, easy to work with and totally "got" what we wanted.

The result is a site that's very easy for us to use and update, easy for our guests, and a big increase in traffic and time spent on the site.

We would obviously recommend Mihai, and will be using him again as we add more features and continue to improve our site.

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Chatsworth, California

Testimonial written on:
November 25th, 2009