Nick Morales

Nick Morales
Owner / Editor

We had 2 projects on the table that needed attention, upgrade Moveable Type and install the Hybrid News theme/template. Our problem was we did have the time. We searched and found PRO IT Service. After reviewing their services, reviewing their portfolio and some Q&A we hired them to do the task. The result is, we are now up-to-date with MT and we have an updated site that looks GREAT!

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Emma Squillace from iMedExchange

Emma Squillace

Emma Squillace iMedExchange
Director of Community

Customer since June 2007.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

iMedExchange, the leading online social network for exclusively for physicians, enlisted the help of Pro-IT-Services to upgrade, enhance and host our blog. We consider our blog an essential communication channel for reaching physicians, investors and the media; as such we were very careful in selecting a technology partner that could help us take our blog to the next level. Mihai worked with us to review all our options, and was very detailed in the time and budget estimates he gave us. After our initial interaction with Mihai we had a much better understanding of what was possible for the iMedExchange blog.

We provided a design reference in TIFF and Pro-IT-Services coded a virtually identical layout in Moveable Type using XHTML/CSS table-less techniques -- just what we wanted. In the end, our site layout required seven different page formats, three of which had to support photos using various dimension (including portrait, landscape and panorama). We were also looking for some transparency and fade-in effects and Pro-IT-Service was great about working with us and making sure our blog looked and acted the way we hoped.

Pro-IT-Service has been a pleasure to work with and iMedExchange enthusiastically recommends them for their levels of quality, service and timeliness. It's been almost 2 years since we first started working with Mihai and he continues to support us and our blog very well.

Emma Squillace
Director of Community

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Seattle, Washington

Testimonial written on:
April 23rd, 2009