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I first became aware of PRO IT Service when it helped me out of a jam pro bono. I was immediately impressed by its depth of knowledge about Movable Type and MySQL, so after getting past the crisis, I hired PRO IT Service to help me upgrade a client with a customized Movable Type installation. Now, I'm about ready to move a huge Movable Type installation to PRO IT Service for hosting. I guess you could say I'm sold on PRO IT Service.

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Nick Morales from Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE)

Nick Morales

Nick Morales
Owner / Editor

Customer since February 2010.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

Setting up the Triathlon Juice (TRIJUCE) website / blog three years ago based on the Moveable Type (MT) platform was easy and painless. It was a pretty basic setup that didn't incorporate many additional features. For the most part, it did what it was supposed to do, report the news which out too much glitz. Since then we've grown up.

The project for 2010 was twofold, we needed to update our software to the latest's version of MT and at the same time we wanted to give our users a fresh new look. We wanted to do this seamlessly and painlessly for both our visitors and ourselves while maintaining our existing content. The time we spent researching the upgrade process and the possible glitches proved it was going to be a long and tedious process. That's when we looked for help.

We searched and came across Mihai and Pro-IT-Services. We reviewed the previous Moveable Type projects Pro-IT-Services had worked on and felt comfortable enough to initiate contact. We sent an email and quickly heard back from Mihai. We continued our Q&A, letting him know our concerns and goals. He assured us he could do it and in a timely manner.

Pro-IT-Services provided us with an excellent service, even after the project was over. We got what we were looking for in a short period of time; probably 10x faster than we could have done ourselves. We are glad we chose them to work with us on our 2010 projects and look forward to working with Mihai on any other projects we might have. I would recommend Pro-IT-Services to anyone who needs / wants Moveable Type technical support.

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New Hope, Minnesota

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February 22nd, 2010