Nick Morales

Nick Morales
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We had 2 projects on the table that needed attention, upgrade Moveable Type and install the Hybrid News theme/template. Our problem was we did have the time. We searched and found PRO IT Service. After reviewing their services, reviewing their portfolio and some Q&A we hired them to do the task. The result is, we are now up-to-date with MT and we have an updated site that looks GREAT!

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Kevin McCormick from American Renaissance

Kevin McCormick American Renaissance

American Renaissance

Customer since october 2007.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

We had an existing Movable Type 3.x installation on a dedicated server, but it was slow and we really needed some Movable Type 4.x features for future expansion. The problem was that there was no sense upgrading to MT 4.x unless we saw an improvement in system reponse: We have some custom fields, so in addition to the normal software upgrade costs, there's the expense of transferring our custom fields to the new install. We could easily have spent hundreds of dollars and wound up with a slower system. That meant I was on the look out for a way of making certain we would get everything we wanted if we decided to do the upgrade.

During the course of discussing the software portion of the upgrade, PRO IT Service recommended we switch to its server. The cost was so much less than what we were paying (about half), that I was skeptical we'd get the speed increase we were seeking. The rest of the package PRO IT Service offered was so attractive that I decided to give it a try, thinking in the back of my mind that we might later have to pay for more server if the first server didn't work out.

Well, it did. Usually I don't get much (positive) feedback for my IT work but this time, office personnel, freelancers, and moderators all contacted me to say how much they were enjoying the new, faster site.

The office manager told me that the improvement was so dramatic that it would have been worth it at twice the price. He hastened to add, that, that he was NOT going to pay me double, of course.

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Oakton, Virginia

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January 30th, 2009