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Agaf Dancy from Informed Family Life

Rahima Dancy

Agaf Dancy Informed Family Life
Part-Time IT Support For My Wife, Rahima

Customer since february 2009.

Recommends Mihai Bocsaru and PRO IT Service

After striking out with two other services, we were referred to PRO IT by Dave Taylor, the industry guru from We wanted to move our moveable type website from our current hosting service to Comcast. This was challenging because our old website had "gone dark" and I couldn't contact the service to get any help - and we had lost the password for FTP transfer on the old site. Fortunately, we still had access to the old site via moveable type.

Mihai got right on the job but he encountered difficulties with Comcast as it was not optimized for moveable type support. At his suggestion, we agreed to have him move our site to PRO IT's own hosting solution based on Pair Networks (plus some value-added services from PRO IT like weekly backup and discounted moveable type upgrades). Once we got set up with a good platform, the transfer went smoothly. Mihai helped us with several extra issues related to "orphan" pages that were created with CGI script outside of moveable type, and he helped to set them up inside moveable type as pages so that we could make future changes to them more easily. He also upgraded us to MT 4.24. Finally, he managed the redirecting of our four domain pointers to the new site.

I'm a former IT professional myself and so I have a better understanding than the average layman of the complexities of our job. Mihai was fast, efficient and incredibly cost-effective. It was a pleasure to work with someone so capable!

Agaf Dancy

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Boulder, Colorado

Testimonial written on:
March 16th, 2009