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I first became aware of PRO IT Service when it helped me out of a jam pro bono. I was immediately impressed by its depth of knowledge about Movable Type and MySQL, so after getting past the crisis, I hired PRO IT Service to help me upgrade a client with a customized Movable Type installation. Now, I'm about ready to move a huge Movable Type installation to PRO IT Service for hosting. I guess you could say I'm sold on PRO IT Service.

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FastServers.Net Blog is consultancy work for improving FastServers.Net already established Blog. FastServers.Net is a hosting giant, one of the Top 10 Web Hosting companies ( Everything started with Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at FastServers.Net contacting me for some work on the blog features, as well as a Blog Survey and a Search Engine Optimization Expertise. We ended up working on several blog extra facilities, as well as several advanced Search Engine Optimization procedures. More to come on Phase II.

Project Details:

Blog Survey, SEO Evaluation, movable type extra facilities development, advanced search engines optimization for FastServers.Net Blog (, Top 10 Web Hosting company.

Technical Specifications:

Blog Survey meant to check the initial Blog Environment and propose Blog Extra Facilities to improve the FastServers.NET blog user experience.

SEO Expertize meant to improve Search Engine Optimization for increasing FastServers.NET blogging community search engines positioning.

Implementing selected MovableType extra facilities.

Using web site parameters such as quality standards validation to insure good Google and other major search engines indexing.

Advanced search engines optimization for assuring higher positioning in search engines results.


Contracting from FastServers Inc., Chicago, IL, U.S.A.


February 2007