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Pro IT's knowledge of the blogosphere is immense. They have helped us with several technical projects including moving several of our blogs to Movable Type and speeding up our sites.

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Migrating to MovableType

The weblog migration service is aimed at to those whose publishing needs require migration to a best-in-class publishing system such as MovableType.

We simply migrate your weblog from your current publishing platform (Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal or other) to MovableType.

PRO IT Service technicians are ready to have an online session with you, look together at your specific requirements and propose a solution that perfectly matches your needs.

In most cases setting up MovableType and coding the embedding MovableType Tags (coding) within your Web site templates would be enough.

However, there are some customers that would like to go beyond MovableType default capabilities and for these we may need to tweak MovableType (i.e. add more input fields for feeding data etc.).

At the time of the migration we will be happy to advise you about additional features you can use to enrich your weblog-driven Web site.

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