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WordPress to Movable Type

If you would like to migrate your website from word press to movable type, then you probably studied the advantages that movable type has vs. word presss.

Fact is that each content management system has an advantage which distinguishes it from its competitors so it is hard to say that this CMS is better than this other CMS for everybody.

The most important feature which distinguishes movable type from word press is that movable type is having a unique feature called static publishing.

Why is Movable Type's Static Publishing so Important?

The static publishing feature available in movable type is very important because it produces a physical web page for each and every page of your website.

In other words all the URLs of your website have a corresponding physical file on the server and that means that your web server doesn't rely on your website database to display your website pages.

Your website pages are served as if they wouldn't have been produced based on a database and that is great because even if your database service goes down, your website is still available.

Busy websites that are not using movable type know how frustrating it could be when their CMS which creates pages on the fly displays an error message saying that there are too many database connections opened and thus their website pages aren't displayed to some of their visitors. This would never happen with movable type's statically generated pages.

In case of a database disaster such as data loss or even the whole database being corrupted or deleted, your website static pages would allow you to keep displaying your website pages as if nothing happened and would give you a chance to plan for recreating your movable type database because you would have the layout and you would have the content.

Worth mentioning is that the static publishing would allow you also to backup your website pages via ftp or using a download manager and to even take it with you on a memory stick, DVD, external hard drive etc.

To conclude, the static publishing is a warranty that no matter what happens, your website is still available to your audience.

Word Press to Movable Type Content Migration

Migrating your content involves migrating yours posts, pages, categories, tags and your media files.

Very important is to make sure that when migrating your blog or website from word press to movable type you preserver your URLs.

Why is preserving your word press URLs important?

When migrating your website from word press to movable type it is extremely important to preserver your URLs because your website is already indexed in search engines using those URLs.

On the other hand there are other websites that are linking to your website based on those URLs. If you don't pay attention to preserving your URLs then all the URLs you've had before would become broken once switched to movable type and would result in a search engine positioning decline and significantly decreased website traffic.

Therefore, as a reputable migration professional I'm always making sure to preserve your URLs and thus to preserve your positioning in search engines as well as your website search engine optimization (SEO).

Word Press Search Engine Optimization

Have you optimized your word press website for search engines? If you did, I would be able to preserve your search engine optimization, but if you didn't I would be delighted to propose you a set of movable type search engine optimization features that we could implement on your project.

Wordpress to Movabletype Look and Feel Transition

Are you wondering if you could keep your website look and feel after porting your project from wordpress to movabletype?

You should know that I could port your exact look and feel to movable type by coding the movable type templates to produce the exact same output as your word press theme.

Wordpress to Movabletype Consulting Service

Let's do a professional wordpress to movabletype migration together. You could get in touch for a quote either using the "free quote" form below or by using the form available in my contact page.

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