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Hannes Pintaritsch Metro International
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Metro International

Metro International needed to integrate an expert and community blogging platform into several of their European news portals within a 3 months time-frame. We chose the Moveable Type platform, and we couldn't have realized this challenge without the expert guidance and custom plugin development by Pro-IT-Services.

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TRI Juice (Hybrid News Theme)

TRI Juice (Hybrid News Theme)


Tri Juice was based on movable type v3.33 and need in one hand to be upgraded to the latest movable type version and on the other to get a face lift.

Project Details:

Nick Morales from Exposure Concepts contacted me regarding movable type upgrade and the "Hybrid News" theme integration for the TRI Juice.com Website.

Technical Specifications:

The TRIJuice.com Website was running on an ancient movable type v3.33 installation which needed an upgrade to a more evolved version.

Movable Type Upgrade

I've been asked what version would I recommended to upgrade to, and I've definitely recommended to upgrade it to the latest v4.x version which is currently v4.33, rather than the recently launched v5.01 release which needs some time to confirm as a stable release.

Nick followed my advice and authorized me to upgrade his project movable type installation to v4.33.

Hybrid News Theme Integration

TRIJuice.com was based on a custom look and feel, but Nick wanted to leave that and adopt the Hybrid News Theme as he felt that suits better the TRIJuice.com Website.

Integrating this theme was a nice experience! Not only that we've adopted the theme, but we've also customized it a bit by incorporating some items from the previous Website theme.

Among these items that we've incorporated on the Hybrid News Theme I would recommend tracking coding, advertisements, google friends and more.

The result is a good looking Website based on a modern movable type installation.

TRI Juice (Hybrid News Theme)



Contracting from Exposure Concepts, New Hope, Minnesota, U.S.A.


February 2010