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Chris Hero

Mihai was able to translate my vision for the site into Movable Type down to the smallest detail. During the development process he provided lots of feedback on my ideas and he was able to offer multiple solutions for the various features that I wanted to include.

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BlogPire Productions

BlogPire Productions


BlogPire Productions was seeking technical assistance on moving their web sites from a hosting server to another.

Project Details:

Jay Brewer from BlogPire Productions got in touch with me for switching his hosting provider from 1and1 to Pair Networks. The job involved relocating all the web site files, databases and email accounts from a hosting provider to the other.

Technical Specifications:

Jay wrote me asking for consultancy on relocating his company resources from 1and1 to Pair Networks.

The reason he chosen me wasn't only that I advise using Pair Networks, or that I'm partnering with Pair, but because I'm a well know movable type programmer and among the services I'm offering there is also the movable type relocation service.

Jay had a couple of web sites on his 1and1 account, most of them movable type projects, but also a phpBB forum and an openads installation.

My role was to handle the transition in between the source and the destination server and to make sure everything is well set and in order. Obviously, as a professional, my goal was to have no downtime at all.

Within less than 24 hours I've had everything up and running on the new server and the domain name servers updated to the new box.

I would be pleased to offer this service to anybody else interested in a professional, headache-free transition!


Contracting from Blogpire Productions, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


November 2009