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Pro-IT-Services have been instrumental in creating and hosting an excellent blog site. Enabling us to provide both existing and potential clients with a steady stream of up to date information on our artists latest work. I recommend their service to anyone who wants to work with a professional and positive company.

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Paginated Archives

This solution allows you to paginate individual articles pages, category pages, date-based archive pages and main pages.

Let’s refer for now to only the category pages and assume you may have an already large Weblog-driven Web site where there are more than 15-20 articles under each category.

If that is the case you know very well that it becomes harder and harder to keep displaying all these articles for instance on the category pages for the simple reason that these pages get very long and load slower and slower.

Smile because we have a solution for you.

The key is to have split category pages in multiple sub-pages and limit the number of displayed articles on a per page basis.

This way you could for instance transform the category archive page of "Category Name" from a 40 articles page into: (15) (15) (10)

Your benefit here is that you could paginate any of your archive pages (individual, category, date-based, main pages) by splitting them to multiple pages to display a certain number or articles and so loading faster.

See this facility in action on,, and more...

Paginated Archives on

This is a Paginated Archives Implementation on (main sub-page listed)


Paginated Archives on
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This is a Paginated Archives Implementation on (sub-page 4 listed)

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