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As a small nonprofit organization promoting Waldorf education, we were relieved to find Mihai when we needed to transfer our weblog to a new server. He solved all the problems efficiently and effectively, and we're also happy with the new features he suggested. We highly recommend his services!

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Optimizing Movable Type Publishing Times

Depending on what hosting server provider you are using and how well your Movable Type templates are coded, you may notice that publishing or updating an article takes way too long to complete

The best way to troubleshoot this is to consider using a Movable Type expert and have him optimize your Web site templates for optimizing publishing times

PRO IT Service successfully optimized a bunch of Movable Type Web sites for reducing the time required for publishing new content without sacrificing anything

All we do is to optimize the tags and the templates organization so that Movable Type will use as low server CPU as possible

An alternative for this templates optimization is to switch to a better hosting server

For details check out Movable Type Hosting or Troubleshoot Error Pages

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