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Troubleshooting Error Pages

Movable Type is an excellent publishing platform, however when hosted on certain servers as a Weblog owner you may start to get all sort of error pages, mainly Error 500 ones also known as "HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error"

Don't blame Movable Type for this, but your hosting company

You are encountering this problem because your Web site hosting company doesn't share enough server resources with you, mainly CPU

In other words Movable Type needs more processor usage than what your hosting server is providing you. When you host your Web site with big companies, companies that over sell their servers or simply companies that are not using good performance servers, don't expect to have these companies solve your problem. Why? For the very simple reason that they will blame Movable Type and say their servers are great

What can you do to solve this problem?

If you are planning to solve this problem for ever, a wise idea is to host your Web site with a company that is offering Movable Type friendly hosting

You may like to consider us as specialists in this field and check out what we are offering in terms of Movable Type Hosting going to this page professional Movable Type hosting

However, if you are interested to solve the problem for now and remain with your current hosting, at PRO IT Service we could help you out by checking your Movable Type Coding and optimizing your Web site templates for as low CPU usage as possible

This solution will solve your problem for now, but sooner or later, once your Web site will get higher you may again encounter these "Error 500" pages unless your hosting company take their customers satisfaction seriously, which I doubt they will do

Get in touch with us using the Live Support Instant Messaging facilities, the contact form or the Quote form further below and we will be assisting you on fixing this problem for you or on moving your hosting server, whatever is preferable for you.

Alternatively, consult the movable type support service that we've launched recently.

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