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Online Tracking / Statistics

Would you like to track your Web site pages for seeing statistics about your visitors, content and search engine activity?

There are a few services we could implement for you in order to track your Web site pages and see detailed details about your visitors, content and search engine effectiveness.

Depending on the solution chosen, the visitor statistics could refer to entry pages, location/country, operating system, browser name and version, screen resolution, colour depth, javascript active/inactive, flash plugin available/not available, number of pages viewed, stay on site, exit page etc.

The content statistics could refer to most visited pages, most visited sections, entry pages, exit pages, time spent on pages etc.

The search engines activity statistics are extremely important. You could see how often search engines are indexing your Web site and also what keywords your visitors have used in search engines to find your Web site.

PRO IT Service is proposing you three tracking solutions to choose from:

1. Awstats

This is a server-based tracking solution. Your server should be running Awstats for you to be able to gather statistics.


2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a new, extremely powerful tracking solution - also consider the fact that it's absolutely free.


3. HitBox Professional

HitBox Professional ( is a best-in-class tracking solution which allows you to view the widest selection of statistics.

Here is an excerpt from the HitBox Web site:

HitBox provides real-time web site analysis to show you where site visitors come from, what content and products they look at, and which navigational paths they take through your site. HitBox Professional can also keep track of orders, customers and revenue, and pinpoint your best sources of customer acquisition.

Boost Search Engine Activity Identify Top Performing Promotions Track Sales and E-Commerce Activity Monitor Visitor Browsing Habits Increase Visitor Satisfaction Optimize Web Site Conversion Rates Get Easy Access To Your Reports Schedule Reports to Your Inbox Export Reports into Other Applications

Check out a HitBox Professional demo account (!

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