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Why is it important to upgrade Movable Type?

Why is it important to upgrade Movable Type? I bet many of you bloggers, have been wondering at least a few times in life:

"- Why should I upgrade my blogging platform?"

"- Why do I have to upgrade movable type when the current version does what I want to do with it. I just need to post my articles and that's it!".

Well, we are passing a period when absolutely any technology we are using, either it is for blogging or any thing else, movable type, word press, joomla, whatever... they all have security issues that could be exploited sooner or later...

This is the case also with Movable Type and the crew at Six Apart together with the Pronet community are doing their best to discover and fix any bug or security holes.

What is nice about Movable Type is that the company behind it listens to the bloggers community and converts their ideas into practice with each and every version.

This is a second reason to go for an upgrade!

My professional advice to you is to always keep your blogging platform updated to the most recent stable built.

At this stage you may wonder:

"- But where could I find a movable type consultant to upgrade the installation for me?"

"- How much does upgrading movable type cost?"

"- Is it worth spending a certain amount of money to upgrade movable type?"

You are here at the right place to ask for a movable type upgrade service.

We are successfully doing this service for so many customers that we've already lost the counting.

The main reasons bloggers choose us to upgrade their movable type installations is that the cost for an upgrade is as low as 100 USD, which is a very competitive rate in this business and this amount is really worth for your publishing experience.

You will discover that with every movable type upgrade your blogging experience is better. The menu is better organized, there are extra options and features and overall your movable type satisfaction is increased.

You've read till here, but you may wonder:

"- Alright, I understand everything so far. But, give me some tangible reasons to upgrade to movable type v4.2 or movable type v4.21 which seems to be the most recent version. BTW, why there are two v4.2x versions?"

Your question is more than legitimate, and I will start by presenting you a little bit the major advantages that movable type v4.2 is bringing in:

1. Movable Type v4.2 Publishing Speed (Fastest)

You may have had issues with movable type not being very fast when publishing or updating articles. This version is the fastest movable type version so far.

Six Apart started to rewrite certain modules and to also optimize the native search function. As a matter of fact publishing or updating pages is faster and the search function is up to 100 times faster.

There is no typing mistake here!... The search is up to one hundred times faster!

2. Movable Type v4.2 Security (Most Secure)

When developing v4.2, apart from fixing a number of security vulnerabilities Six Apart took a few procedures to make sure they will find as much security issues as possible.

In this light they've incorporated third party tools that routinely scan for vulnerabilities, centralized and augmented input filtering and finally conducted a line-by-line security audit.

I do trust that Movable Type v4.2 is the most secure built we've had so far. Obviously, as a passionate programmer and developer for over 10 years I can tell you that security doesn't exist. Security is more a concept than a reality. Sooner or later someone will discover new back doors on any technology. What is important though is to know that you're using a product whose producer cares about their customers and continuously tries to give you a secure environment to that moment technology's standard.

There are many other technical details regarding that Movable Type v4.2 gives you extra comparing to prior versions. I will just tell you that now Movable Type Professional is absolutely free to bloggers and anybody which doesn't contact a business with it.

More that that, the professional version allows you to create static-like web sites, blogs, forums and community sites.

For more information check out:

As for the difference between Movable Type v4.2 and Movable Type v4.21, the most recent one contains a couple of bug fixes that the community discovered after the launch of Movable Type v4.2

This being said I strongly encourage you to upgrade your movable type installation to the most recent version, in our case these days, movable type v4.21

It is also advisable that you are using a professional for this operation. If you need someone to do it for you, you may like to get in touch with us using the contact page form.

The movable type installation upgrade cost is just 100 USD.

For this amount you are 100% assured that your installation will be upgraded, there won't be any data loss or features which to stop working.

The movable type upgrade job passes a very strict and professional quality assurance policy!

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