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Upgrading to Movable Type Open Source v4.1

It's quite some time since I didn't publish anything new in here

Well, I've had a very busy time with my work and I've also been in London for about 2 weeks with business meeting a few already established customers and also meeting a few new prospects

The time I had in London was great. I was leaving near London Bridge and London Tower, two very nice places in Zone 1 not far from the Westminster and Buckingham Palaces.

During my stay in London the Movable Type Crew at Six Apart launched Movable Type v4.1 in two versions, one Commercial and the other Open Source. Nevertheless I've made these two versions available online for free testing at I didn't have the time to try to actually upgrade one of my customers' version.

However, today I've had the opportunity to do my first upgrade from movable type v3.35 to movable type v4.1 open source. The transition was very nice, nevertheless I had to do a few tweaks to make sure all he had before works also on this new version.

If I will be to upgrade all our customers I will go beyond 200 movable type instances :)

However, if you need to upgrade your movable type driven web site from any version to any other version just get in touch using the contact form and I or my technicians would be more than glad to do this job for you in a professional manner.


First clas service. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Made the upgrade to 4.1 easy and painless.

David de Gernier | February 15, 2008 5:59 PM


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