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We had 2 projects on the table that needed attention, upgrade Moveable Type and install the Hybrid News theme/template. Our problem was we did have the time. We searched and found PRO IT Service. After reviewing their services, reviewing their portfolio and some Q&A we hired them to do the task. The result is, we are now up-to-date with MT and we have an updated site that looks GREAT!

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Troubleshooting "Syck parser (line ..., column ...): syntax error" for Movable Type

Today I had to use a plugin for regenerating movable type basenames, but as soon as I uploaded it to the server, I've got this error:

Got an error: Error reading /path-here/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/EntrySetBasename/config.yaml: Syck parser (line 21, column 18): syntax error

At that point I had two alternatives: either debug the plugin and fix the problem, or switch from YAML::Sick to YAML::Tiny.

Since I've had so many items on my schedule, I preferred to go ahead with the quicker method and thus I've added the following configuration directive to my 'mt-config.cgi' file:

YAMLModule YAML::Tiny

Problem solved!

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