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PRO-IT was instrumental in taking our site to the next level. They kept us current with the latest upgrades and patches, redesigned the site for efficiency and design, and added features, such as a comments on the sidebar widget, which kept traffic high.

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Movable Type AntiSpam Protection

Spamming is a very real problem in every on-line publisher’s life.

From comments to trackbacks, spammers are madly trying to find open doors for marketing their products and services without your authorization and consequently ruining your own online resources content quality and reputation.

At PRO IT Service we offer you a professional solution for fighting spam.

No need to spend any more energy on fighting back spammers.

To block spam comments we could implement a CAPTCHA coding barrier on your Web pages.

Comment CAPTCHA Sample from BizReport.com * click on the image to enlarge
This is a comment captcha sample from BizReport.com

Comment CAPTCHA Sample from Bioteams.com * click on the image to enlarge
This is a comment captcha sample from Bioteams.com

Alternatively, if you don’t like the CAPTCHA human checking coding barrier, there are other technical solutions for preventing spam comments and trackbacks.

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