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We had 2 projects on the table that needed attention, upgrade Moveable Type and install the Hybrid News theme/template. Our problem was we did have the time. We searched and found PRO IT Service. After reviewing their services, reviewing their portfolio and some Q&A we hired them to do the task. The result is, we are now up-to-date with MT and we have an updated site that looks GREAT!

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Recommend to a Friend

Such a feature is worth having considering the "mouth-to-mouth" online marketing technique recommendation/new visitors conversation ratio.

Your visitors may wish to refer some of your Web site pages or articles to their friends.

This is where you need the "Recommend to a Friend" feature which will allow your visitors to refer your pages. It also allows you to fully customize the recommendation message.

Recommend to a Friend Sample from
* click on the image to enlarge
This is an "Email to a friend" implementation sample from
In order to be able to send the page to a friend, the visitor should click on "Email to a friend" and a form field will show up.

Recommend to a Friend Sample from
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This is the "Email to a friend" form fields sample from
This shows up only after the visitor clicks on "Email to a friend".

Your benefit here is that you could get more targeted visitors and so make your Web site more popular.

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