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I first became aware of PRO IT Service when it helped me out of a jam pro bono. I was immediately impressed by its depth of knowledge about Movable Type and MySQL, so after getting past the crisis, I hired PRO IT Service to help me upgrade a client with a customized Movable Type installation. Now, I'm about ready to move a huge Movable Type installation to PRO IT Service for hosting. I guess you could say I'm sold on PRO IT Service.

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Metro International, the Swedish media company based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers hired PRO IT Service's Movable Type Consultancy services via a web development agency from London on early February this year.

Project Details:

It was quite an extraordinary experience working with this publishing giant both from London during a 3 days meeting, as well as from our office for a couple of weeks.

The contract involved developing a network of blogs based on Movable Type Enterprise edition, initially for the French market and then also for the Spanish one.

What made this project really a challenge were the extra features required by the client which involved creating a good number of movable type plugins.

Technical Specifications:

PRO IT Service was responsible for coding new movable type plugins, fixing or extending the capability of some other plugins already coded by third parties and coding the web site templates.

We've also achieved excellent results implementing a movable type publishing times optimization technique that we've prototyped for a few years now.

Being a major publishing agency, Metro International required a way to easily port the movable type development made for the French market to other markets, like for instance the Spanish one.

To make this process as simple as possible, we've coded a plugin which to contain all the market specific keywords and keyphrases. The movable type templates are now common for all markets and the language differentiation is made exclusively by the custom language plugin.

This project involved programming using the following languages: XHTML, XML, PHP, Perl, Movable Type.


Contracting from Metro International SA, Luxembourg


February - June 2008