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ProIT has provided our site with experts versed in Movable Typle be it for a custom application, or a generic update. ProIT has delivered for us.

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Andy Knight, the British soul behind asked us about some movable type work including rescue copy and hosting relocation.

Project Details:

The work we've done for was to do a full backup and relocate it under one of our servers for a limited period just to make sure a copy is saved somewhere and to later relocate the entire Web site measuring about 5 GB and using about 2 TB of bandwidth.

Technical Specifications: is a web site whose mission is to bring you up to date news and reviews of the best premium and vintage denim available online and on the high street.

Andy Knight, the web site owner and soul behind this initiative intended to do some work on his project and also to do a sort of simulation for a future planned relocation.

For this reason, Andy came to this Web site and after asking for a London contact to give him some references about me (I referred him to Sheldon Daniels from Shiny Media), he wanted to engage me on doing a backup only of his movable type installation and database.

I've set an account for him under one of the servers we are renting from Pair Networks, Inc (our main partner for hosting services) and successfully replicated his movable type project.

During the movable type restore phase under our server, we've noticed a couple of issues mainly related to hardcoded local paths for php includes. I've corrected these issues setting up relative paths and reported to Andy exactly where these issues occurred for correction.

One month later, Andy mentioned to us that he intends to switch his current hosting provider and I've offered to propose him two solutions US based solutions we'are partnering with.

We've proposed him a solution from Pair Networks, Inc. which is our main partner and another solution from FastServers.Net which is our second partner and a company mentioned on the Worlds's Tops for web hosting providers.

As we are partnering with these two solutions, we are also offering our movable type support and assistance to Andy and our other customers.

Andy decided to have us host his Web site with the FastServers.Net hosting provider. I've created a hosting account for him and started the hosting switch. is made of 86486 files, uses 4.09 GB of hosting space and uses almost 2 TB of bandwidth per month.

The hosting switch service we've offered included porting all the Web site files, the mysql databases, restoring movable type and moving across not only the email accounts configured on the initial server, but also the messages located on the source server.

Denimology Screenshot

I took only one screen capture of this project as the service delivered so far didn't include any design work or any further developments work, nevertheless Andy's plans are to do together some work on his Web site in the upcoming weeks.

You're very welcome to go to and see this Web site. Main Page

Technologies used:
Movable Type, PHP, mySQL, Unix Commands.


Contracting from AK68 Ltd, London, United Kingdom


Ongoing since November 2008