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Hannes Pintaritsch Metro International
Technical Project Manager

Metro International

Metro International needed to integrate an expert and community blogging platform into several of their European news portals within a 3 months time-frame. We chose the Moveable Type platform, and we couldn't have realized this challenge without the expert guidance and custom plugin development by Pro-IT-Services.

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Registration and User Profiles with Movable Type

Are you having a Movable Type blog and would like to attract more and more readers?

Give them the feeling they are part of your Web site!

Try to bring your project from a blog to the next level. Call it "a community".

A community cannot exist without its members, so allow your Movable Type Web site visitors to register and have their own profile page on your Movable Type Online Community.

This feature is an excellent tool for engaging people to comment on your Web site and optionally to also send entries in draft to your movable type platform that you could check, update and eventually publish online.

Imagine you've reached a blog that you like and you discover that you could be able to register and create your own account for that blog. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing your author name linked to your own profile page at that blog every time you contribute to that project with a comment or entry?

To make this feature even more appealing, apart from linking the comment or entry author to his/hers profile page, we will also be displaying that user profile photo if there is one provided. In case no photo is provided, we could either display a "common photo" (say a silhouette in grey) or configure movable type to not display anything.

Get in touch for having us upgrade your Movable Type Weblog to Movable Type Online Community and let your visitors become members.

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