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Movable Type Blogroll

You should have seen blogrolls displayed on so many blogs.

For those that are not very familiar with what a blogroll is, we should say that a blogroll is a collection or better said a list of links to other blogs that you are recommending to your audience.

As movable type consultancy provider, we are offering you a smart feature for creating and managing your blogroll. Basically, we are allowing you to not only provide the names of the blogs you recommend and their URLs, but optionally you could also provide their RSS Feeds and/or a description which displays when you audience will mouse over the blog name.

To summarize you could be providing:

  1. Blog Name
  2. Blog URL
  3. Blog RSS Feed URL (optional)
  4. Blog Description (optional)

Are you wondering about how the blogroll items would be ordered? Obviously, you will also have the means to arrange and rearange your movale type blogroll items in any order you want.

What's even more appealing is that you could be adding blogroll items to your movable type blogroll, but set them to not display online yet. This allows you to create dummy bloroll items and update them and publish them online whenever you feel ready.

Do you want to display more than one blogroll, each one having its own title? No worries, we are going to allow you run more than one blogroll (as many as you like).

Movable Type Blogrolls Sample

Movable Type Blogrolls Sample from Communication Agents (sidebar widget)


Some customers aren't interested on displayed the full color or grey rss feed icon. For them, we are also offering a blogroll variation without any rss (xml) icons.

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