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Movable Type to WordPress

If you're looking for a consultant to migrate your website from movable type to word press, then you've reached one of the most reputable consultants specialized on this service.

Doing this service with a professional is extremely important because the migration must respect a couple of rules, among them the most important one being to preserve your website URLs.

Why is maintaining your movable type website URLs important when migrating to wordpress?

Your website has been indexed by search engines and other sites are linking to your website based on your current URLs. If you change the URLs when migrating to word press you're going to ruin your positioning in search engines results and your credibility on the search engines, on the websites that linked to you as well as on the eyes of the people that would search for your website, but would reach a broken page.

If you do the job with a professional and your URLs are maintained, then you would preserve your search engine positioning which means that you won't sacrifice your current website traffic.

Other movable type to word press migration rules

Apart from maintaining your URLs it is very important that all your content is migrated, from posts (which are called entries in movable type) of all types: published, draft and scheduled to pages of the same three types as the entries and continuing with categories, tags and assets.

If you're using the movable type custom fields feature either for the entry object, or for more objects (i.e. page, category, author etc), those fields and their data have to be migrated to word press, otherwise your website would lose that data.

Large websites may have multiple users with various roles (i.e. editor, author, commenter, administrator, system administrator etc.). You have to make sure that your consultant migrates these details as well, so that once switched to word press your users would have the same privileges they had in movable type.

All these details are extremely important when you would like to successfully migrate from a content management system to another, in this case from movable type to word press.

Movable type to word press theme migration

Last, but not least, unless you want to start with a default or custom word press theme, you may like to engage your migration consultant to preserve your look and feel. Maintaining your look and feel means to code a custom word press theme based on the layout characteristics that you've had in movable type.

A professional consultant would do this task with care to maintain or even further improve your website search engine optimization (SEO) so that once migrated your website is at least as popular in search engines as prior to the switch to word press.

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