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Blank Target

This is a very simple plugin which provides the ability to open links in a new window.


You will start from downloading the plugin from this URL:

Then you will unzip it and upload the file "" in ASCII mode to your movable type installation plugins folder.

Setting it up

Enabling this plugin for a specific movable type tag is as simple as adding the following parameter: blank_target="1".

<mt:EntryBody blank_target="1">

Assuming that inside your movable type entry "Body" tab you've had this URL:
PRO IT Service is my preferred movable type consulting company

After enabling this plugin, the URL above would look like:
PRO IT Service is my preferred movable type consulting company

The plugin would add the "target" parameter to any links that are provided inside the field corresponding to the movable type tag to which you are going to add the "blank_target" modifier.

You don't need to add this to all your movable type tags, but only to those where you would provide links, such as mt:EntryBody, mt:EntryMore and eventually other data custom field you might have.


This plugin is compatible with movable type v2.x, v3.x, v4.x and v5.x.

All you should know is that for older versions, you will have to type movable type tags like:
<MTEntryBody blank_target="1">

And not like:
<mt:EntryBody blank_target="1">

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