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Metro International

Metro International needed to integrate an expert and community blogging platform into several of their European news portals within a 3 months time-frame. We chose the Moveable Type platform, and we couldn't have realized this challenge without the expert guidance and custom plugin development by Pro-IT-Services.

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Arcelor Mittal Leadership Conf

Arcelor Mittal Leadership Conference


Vanksen, the company from which we've subcontracted the Arcelor Mittal Web TV project came up with a request for another wonderful job. This time Arcelor Mittal needed a Web site for their Leadership Conference which took place in Cannes, France during the period May the 29th - May the 31st, where 500 top managers from across the world met together.

Project Details:

Arcelor Mittal, the world giant steel company, needed a cutting edge Web site for their 500 top managers Leadership Conference called "Arcelor Mittal Transforming Tomorrow" which took place in Cannes, France during the period May the 29th - May the 31st, 2007

Technical Specifications:

Web site layout hand coding in XHTML/CSS table less format, cross platform compatible and in line with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) programming languages specifications.
Note: For the entire Web site I've personally coded about 25 different different layout references, all using the XHTML/CSS table less formatting.

Web site pages content hand coding

Forms and Surveys pages development using AJAX

Social Networking facility development whereby the 500 top managers could search for their colleagues and add them to their social network, the goal being to make people start to know each other even if they are coming from different departments or plants across the world

The Social Networking facility search function allowed users to search for other members based on certain keywords or on a countries list

The Social Networking facility allowed members to send custom or default invitations to other members to join their network, as well as an approval mechanism on the invitee side, with email notifications to both the inviter and the invitee during the procedure

This project involved programming using the following languages: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP and MySQL.


Contracting from Vanksen, Luxembourg, E.U.


May 2007