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Movable Type Custom Theme Development

Movable Type Custom Theme Development

I was going to call this service 'Movable Type Theme Design' because we sometimes are redesigning a customer movable type web site interface.

However, since other times we are just integrating the customer main web site design within their blog, by keeping the movable type css structure, which is more like 'Movable Type Theme Integration', I've decided to call this service 'Movable Type Theme Development'.

We're addressing this service to those movable type bloggers that are intending to change their weblog design to something more professional, better organized, or simply more in tune with what they like at other bloggers' websites.

Other potential customers for us, are also those Web site owners would intend to also start a blog for their Web site as a way to attract people and create a community around their Web sites. You may know that these days a blog is considered an excellent marketing tool for businesses.

For these customers, we're glad to implement their general web site design to their blogs. Depending on the budget available we will be glad to do this job with or without keeping the movable type default CSS structure.

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