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Mihai was professional, extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and totally "got" what we wanted. The result is a new site that's much easier to use and update, and a lot of increased traffic

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Movable Type Guru

Mihai Bocsaru, Owner, Chief Web Developer and Movable Type Consultant at PRO IT Service S.R.L., company specialized on movable type consultancy services, publishing platforms development and general web sites development is known as what some people are calling a movable type guru

What is a Guru?

According to Wikipedia [] a guru is:

"a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and uses it to guide others"

What is a Movable Type Guru?

Following Wikipedia's definition, a "movable type guru" is a very well qualified movable type service provider which has a strong experience and authority regarding the movable type publishing platform.

Having worked since 1997 on web development and from 2002 on blogging consultancy and movable type development, Mihai Bocsaru gained a long term working experience in the field and so he is associated with the terms "web guru" or "movable type guru" or "blog development guru".

Do you need a Movable Type Guru?

Whenever you need movable type work it's strongly recommend to use a movable type guru for a series of reasons among which I would mention:

a. Experience

A movable type guru is in essence a very experienced movable type service provider

b. Quality

High quality standards is the main attribute for being a movable type guru

c. Cost

Hiring a movable type guru should always be a better investment than working with a less experienced movable type provider, and that is because a guru has so much experience that deploying your work takes him/her less time than to a less experienced provider.

Here at PRO IT Service, Mihai trained a couple of other people that joined the team over the years to support our customers at excellent standards as movable type gurus, but to also take into account offering movable type consultancy services at very affordable pricing.

If you are in need for a movable type guru contact us at anytime. We would love to work on your movable type project offering you our experience, talent and cost effective services.

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