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Pro-IT-Services have been instrumental in creating and hosting an excellent blog site. Enabling us to provide both existing and potential clients with a steady stream of up to date information on our artists latest work. I recommend their service to anyone who wants to work with a professional and positive company.

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PRO IT Service goes blogging

The day finally came in. I'm so excited to lunch my own Blog. The fact that I've coded over 200 blogs and online communities or publishing platforms, but didn't yet have my very own blog may sound funny.

Well, I'm the type of person that tries to no reject a customer even if there is just a simple job or a very large project. At times the worst scenario is that I will schedule a new customer to at least a few days to one week delivery, as we are a high skilled and efficient team.

Probably I have this nice behavior also because I've worked also as a Customer Support and Technical Director in the past and I'm still using those skills on my own Consultancy Business here at PRO IT Service.

This blog is meant for us to share what we are doing, what nice things we discover along the way, what nice achievements we have with our work and we feel you may like to know as well as any cutting edge new media tools and technologies gems that we think are worth mentioning

I'm also happy to start blogging here to keep in touch with the people that appreciate my services and it looks like they are not just a few. Actually, a few days ago I new client from New York contacted me via instant messaging from my Web site side bar saying among other things:

"You are very popular here on the US. A few people recommended me to use your services for my new Japanese Food Report Web site".

He also mentioned a few big names on the industry which make me smile and think that the long hours spent working on this niche in the last 4 years+ were more than worth

Those that work on the Consultancy industry understand how nice is to see that people are appreciating what you are doing for them. The top level standards of the work we are doing, the free support offered on the Movable Type Forums as well as the Movable Type v4.0 Demo Loyalty Free Web site consecrated PRO IT Service and myself personally.

Thanks for your time. I will now get back to work so happy that I've found some time for setting this blogging area :)


Fantastic Mihai. It's always great to get your insights, and I will consider your blog a MUST READ to keep up on the latest tech news. Thanks for helping us keep our readers reading at Harvest Wizard.

Steve Albert | September 23, 2007 7:53 PM


Thanks for your kind support Steve. It's always a pleasure to work with people like you, my customers, or any other blogging enthusiast. You guys give me the energy to study, imagine and deploy professional publishing solutions each and every day.

While I will use this place to first of all talk about blogging-related tools and technologies, I will also try to keep you entertained with new media picks

Mihai Bocsaru | September 23, 2007 10:17 PM


I think this blog is a great idea Mihai and I look forward to reading up on new and creative uses with MT as well as your professional insights into web applications.

I must say Mihai has truly been a pleasure to work with and I am very pleased with the work he has done so far. Like Steve, I will be keeping a keen eye on your blog mate! :)

Scott Inman | September 24, 2007 1:47 PM


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