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We've launched a new section: Testimonials

Unfortunately we've felt a bit this financial crisis, as most of our European customers were from the U.K. and Great Britain was strongly hit during October, November and December 2008.

We had a good amount of work planned for a couple of large British companies, but we've lost it due to these contractors' financial problems. Adding to this detail that we didn't accept some projects to make sure we have enough room for these British contractors, you can get the picture.

Anyway, rather than complaining or taking an unplanned holiday, I've decided to leverage the free time between some small projects to work on improving a bit our company Web site.

I would like to refer here to what I consider the most important update, which is in fact a new section called Testimonials.

As you may already be aware, PRO IT Service S.R.L. has been founded by myself way back in 2002 and since then we've server a couple of hundred of customers. Nevertheless this performance, we didn't have enough time to devote to mentioning these jobs under our portfolio, nor to consider adding a Testimonials section.

Given the new circumstances, in November I've planned this testimonials section and I've started by contacting about 20 customers and asking them to provide us a testimonial. Some were very quick, some less and some are still to prepare a testimonial for us.

On January the 19th, 2009 after having collected about testimonials, I've decided it is the time to publish them online.

This evening I've got a call from a contact telling me that he was impressed with what we found out about our company, but that he only seen a few testimonials. I've explained him that this section is just launched for about 3 weeks now. He though the section is as old as the company :)

Anyway, I'm going to make clear on our Web site that this section is brand new.

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