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Mihai turned around a detailed server move in less than 24 hours and not a single thing was wrong with the move.

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Movable Type v4.2 is live! The time for upgrades :)

I'm extremely excited that Six Apart just launched Movable Type v4.2

Last night I was driving back home and at a light stop I've picked up my cell phone and accessed my main email box. When I've seen Anil Dash's announcement that Movable Type v4.2 was released I really felt an extraordinary sensation

Instead of dropping off at home, I went to a local shop and brought in a beer for celebrating the event! I know, I should have got a Champaign, but I will consider it for the next Le Web 3 in Paris when I will meet the Six Apart crew again

The new Movable Type is faster than ever, for certain operations such as the search is even up to 100 times faster!

The great news in top of this is that at PRO IT Service we've made available the Open Source and the Professional versions of this release absolutely free for anybody to check and evaluate online at: https://www.movabletypedemo.org/

Furthermore, we've already upgraded a couple of blogs to v4.2 and everything looks excellent! We've started this operation with the movable type web sites that we host or that we contract for the upgrading service

Do you want somebody to install or upgrade your Movable Type installation for you?

Just ask using the contact form above!

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Check out more about the new release at:

View an absolutely free online demo at:
https://www.movabletypedemo.org/ (service provided worldwide by PRO IT Service)


Thank you for installing the upgrade so quickly this week!

Although my blog is new and in need of many more entries, it already shows your professional touch and I am very proud of its appearance. What's more, when I first contacted you, you very willingly and expertly rescued it from previous installation problems and got it on track.

I'm a very happy customer and I'll be back for more development!


Stu Alan | August 20, 2008 7:27 AM


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