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Movable Type goes v4.21. Upgrade patch available!

Six Apart come up with an excellent news! There are just 10 days since Movable Type v4.2 has been launched. People from all over the world identified quite a series of bugs on what was meant to be the most secure and quick movable type version seen so far.

In an effort to make the whole community happy and isolate these bugs ASAP, the movable type crew launched today movable type v4.21.

Since there were quite two important bugs reported as being fixed, I didn't think twice and started to upgrade all the movable type installations I've recently upgraded to v4.2. Believe me, there were quite a few dozens and re-upgrading them would have been a nightmare unless I would have just uploaded the files that changed in the new release

Felt like this could be a problem other people may face, I've also made available online two patches (one for movable type professional and another for the open source version) which will let somebody upgrade from v4.2 to v4.21 is just a minute or so


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